The LUMA-Suomi programme

As part of the Luma Centre Finland, Linkki participates in the LUMA-Suomi development's sub-project Programming for everyone (the page in Finnish), which tries to offer as many school pupils as possible the opportunity to learn programming.

The project has produced models and material for working with youth, further education for teachers, and supported the establishment of new units.

Helsinki Youth Services

For many years now, Linkki has cooperated with Helsinki Youth Services and its Pelitalo (game house), organising summer camps and other events, like game jams. Through this cooperation, we have reached hundreds of young people and dozens of Youth Services employees.


The Pulmaario project was implemented in cooperation with the HelMet libraries and Summamutikka. The project produced practical mathematics and programming workshops that were supervised in cooperation by people from the science classes and libraries. The free Pulmaario workshops were directed to 9-13-year-old girls and boys.

The Pulmaario project developed an instructors’ guide, which is available also in English. In future, the workshop model developed by Pulmaario will spread from the metropolitan area to the rest of Finland via the library network.

During the project years 2015-2017, there were 20 Pulmaario workshops in total arranged in 13 different libraries in the metropolitan area. In addition, Pulmaario workshops, theme days, and educations were organised in libraries around the country, in a dozen locations. The groups were maintained at a maximum of 20 kids. The project also produces fringe events during media-skills week and Mothering day, among others. Pulmaario was also exhibited at the Educa expo.

Rosa’s code

Rosa’s code was a game produced by YLE with the goal to interest lower-secondary pupils in technology and programming. In Rosa’s code, the player can collect bits of code from the challenges given, and use them to save the Internet world. Linkki produced some twenty Scratch challenges for Rosa’s code. They were performed 10,000 times.


In spring 2017, Linkki trained volunteers and employees at Turku YMCA and local teachers via YMCA Finland, a total of some 20 people, to teach programming. In summer 2017, the first YMCA programming camp with 15 participants was organised in Turku. The cooperation will continue.

Ideas for cooperation?

Linkki is interested in cooperation with other partners to spread the word on programming and computer science and research in the area. We are also interested in sharing our social responsibility together with companies in the form of shared projects or events. We can join forces to further our views on the role of computer science in different areas of the modern society in a way that is relevant for the labour market.

Companies and organisations can also direct funds to maintaining and expanding the basic works of Linkki (activities for youth and teachers: programming, computing, ICT skills, media skills, skills for the digital society, safe use of IT, career opportunities). Further education of teachers and a national congruence in the teaching-level and assessment of ICT and programming skills are especially of current interest.

Whether you are interested in a shared event or backing us, you can contact us by email at or give us a call.

International cooperation ideas?

In Linkki, we are interested in exchanging ideas and experiences on early computer science education and technology projects for students under 18 years of age. People associated with Linkki also work on research themes around early programming learning. If you are interested in cooperation with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We have also hosted international visits.

Further information will be updated on these pages.


Since 2011, Linkki has organised clubs and camps, as well as participated in research projects and projects developing teaching.

We would like to thank our backers for their support, whether in the form of shared events or project funding. Our special thanks within the university goes to the Department of Computer Science as our host department and the RAGE group, the research and results of which are an inseparable part of the work within Linkki.



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