About Linkki Advisors

Finland is famous for investing in education and a large number of Finns receive education in universities. All teachers in Finnish schools have a university education. Teacher students have to complete their Master’s degree as a basic requirement before practicing their profession.

The advisors of Linkki are attending university education, as well. They are mainly students whose major is in computer science. Besides that, they have experience from instructing and teaching children and young people. Linkki advisors have various backgrounds: some of them are teacher students, others have attended various courses which have given capabilities for work as advisor.

The Linkki advisors have a shared interest in working with children. At the beginning of employment, new advisors have to go through an induction, which prepares them to work according to the best practices used in Linkki. Furthermore, in the induction they learn how to act in exceptional situations. As additional training, part of the advisors have taken part in the Emergency First Aid Course organized by the Finnish Red Cross.

In accordance with Finnish law, all new advisors have to present their criminal records to the director within 3 months from starting work.